Mountain View Veterinary Hospital is excited to announce we are now offering a new service for our canine patients. Dr. Kristi Wubben is recently certified as a Canine Rehabilitation Therapist (CCRT) and is offering physical rehabilitation for your dog. Similar to human physical therapy, canine rehabilitation is using specific therapeutic exercises, manual therapies, equipment and at home exercise programs to improve your dog’s physical function.

Our goal is to enhance your dog’s overall wellness and quality of life by decreasing their pain and inflammation and by increasing strength, mobility and flexibility of their joints and muscles. Conditions that can benefit from canine rehabilitation are post-surgery or injury, chronic pain, osteoarthritis, obesity, orthopedic or neurologic conditions, geriatric patients or to improve overall wellness.

What to Expect:

Initial Evaluation

The first step is to schedule for a 90-minute initial evaluation with Dr. Wubben. During the initial evaluation she will perform a complete physical exam along with a comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluation of your dog’s area of concern as well as other areas that may be compensating. During this initial evaluation we will also discuss past medical history, current diet and medications your dog is taking. A treatment plan specific for your dog’s needs is created for in hospital rehabilitation sessions as well as at home exercises for you to do. The treatment plan is created based on exam findings, medical history, and your goal for your canine companion.

Rehabilitation Sessions

After the initial evaluation, your dog will be set up on scheduled rehabilitation sessions. Based on your dog’s needs and goals, 1-2 sessions a week to start are ideal. During these 30 minute sessions a combination of therapeutic exercises, manual therapies and modalities are used specific to your dog. Since this is most likely a new adventure for your canine, we like to use treats as positive reinforcement to complete the rehabilitation session and help them feel confident in completing the session. Below is a short summary of the three different areas we combine during a rehabilitation session.

*Therapeutic Exercises: Exercises using specific equipment such as balance boards, FitBone, Bosu Ball, and Cavalettis to focus on balance, strengthening, flexibility, stretching, posture and coordination.

*Manual Therapies: Hands on techniques such as massage, joint mobilization, passive range of motion, and stretching to increase tissue healing, flexibility and decrease muscle soreness, tension and overall pain.

*Modality Therapy:

  • Therapeutic Laser/Photobiomodulation: Class IV cold laser aids in decreasing pain and inflammation while promoting wound healing and tissue regeneration.
  • PEMF Bed: Using magnetic wavelengths and frequencies similar to those that naturally occur in the body aids in decreasing inflammation and pain and increases circulation and healing.

Personalized Home Exercise Programs
At the end of the initial evaluation, a personalized at home exercise program will be created for you and your pet. This program is designed around your goal for your canine companion, their injury or area of concern, as well as what you feel comfortable with and are able to do at home.