We provide rehabilitation services to Vancouver dogs including exercises that are designed to increase the range of motion in a joint or limb by carefully and gradually stretching the muscles and tendons.

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Improving Mobility & Reducing Pain in Pets

The team at Mountain View Veterinary Hospital works with injured pets to help restore pain-free mobility through individualized exercise programs developed to meet specific needs.

Our team helps your pet perform exercises with specific equipment such as balance boards, FitBone, Bosu Ball, and cavalettis to focus on balance, strengthening, flexibility, stretching, posture, and coordination.

Passive Range of Motion (PROM) and stretching activities help promote and maintain muscle, tendon, and ligament flexibility.

cat resting after veterinary physical therapy

The Process

Therapeutic exercises improve the movement of synovial fluid, reducing enzymes that break down cartilage, thus promoting healthier joints in cats and dogs.

We use a variety of therapeutic exercises at Mountain View Veterinary Hospital to reintroduce healthy movement including treadmills, balance boards, physioball exercises, circling, cavalettis, surface variation, changing incline/hills, and stair climbing.

Our vets will work with your pets to increase their mobility and reduce the pain associated with inflamed joints and degeneration.

Goals & Benefits of Therapeutic Exercises:

  • Improved range of motion and flexibility
  • Restored muscle mass and strength
  • Decreased pain associated with motion/movement
  • Reduced lameness in limbs
  • Protection against joint degeneration
  • Prevention of further injuries
  • Improved daily function and use of limbs
  • Heightened lymphatic flow and blood flow

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