Dr. Kristi Wubben is a veterinarian in Vancouver. She is passionate about the human-animal bond, pet wellness, organized veterinary medicine, and leadership development.

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Dr. Kristi Wubben Vancouver Veterinarian

Dr. Kristi Wubben

Dr. Wubben grew up in Ridgefield, Washington.  She graduated from Washington State University in 2008 with her B.S in Biology and in 2012 with her DVM from WSU College of Veterinary Medicine. 

After years of working in general practice at Mountain View Veterinary Hospital she found her true passion of animal rehabilitation.  This led her to pursue specialization in her career and in 2020 Dr. Wubben received her certification in Canine Rehabilitation Therapy from the Canine Rehabilitation Institute.  Dr. Wubben is now the lead veterinarian in the Rehabilitation Center at Mountain View Veterinary Hospital. She is also passionate about the human-animal bond, organized veterinary medicine and leadership development.  

When not working, Dr. Wubben enjoys spending time outdoors with her family hiking, skiing, gardening, and going on adventures. 

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